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EB-5 Project Review & Analysis

At Elite Capital Ventures, we provide our clients with experts that clearly understand all aspects involved with the EB-5 business side and Immigration side of the investment. As clearly stated per USCIS guidelines, the “Investment” min investment “$500,000.00” must be put at risk, meaning there are no guarantees to any investment regardless if it’s EB-5 or not. With that said, it doesn’t mean investors should immediately invest in high risk projects just to participate in the EB-5 Green Card Program.

What we provide to our clients is comprehensive analysis and review of critical information regarding the Investment(s) of consideration’s different variables which may include but not limited to:

  • Assessment of Business Plan Exist Strategy
  • Experience of the Principals, assessment
  • Assessment of project risk
  • Financial projections review
  • Document and status verification review
  • Market and Industry Analysis
  • Job creation model review including review of economic study (if applicable)
  • Review of all legal contacts and investment documentation
  • Assessment of risk
  • Comparison of overall EB-5 Project

All of these elements greatly factor into determining if an EB-5 project is higher or lower of an investment risk. Like any investment, an investor should always perform due diligence prior to investing. Unfortunately, many foreign investors do not have the access or ability to truly cross reference all aspects of critical EB-5 projectdata.And that’s where ECV comes in, once a client of ECV; you gain our industry professional perspective helping you make a more informative evaluation decision.